Minx Sky Face Gel

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Minx Sky Face Hydrating Gel

Permit your face to feel incredibly soft and smooth whilst maintaining absolute hydration throughout your day. Designed by UK Skin care specialists alongside one of Eastern Asia’s largest skin care producers Minx London has branded this fantastic Korean Style Plant Collagen beauty product after the new and innovative Sky Gel Technology. We are the first Company to release this type of product in the West providing you with the opportunity to provide your skin with high quality treatment on a daily basis.



• Anti-Aging

• Firming

• Hydrating

• Moisturiser

• Nourishing

• Skin Revitaliser

• Dark Circles

• Soothes Skin

• Improve Dry Skin

• Gently Regulate Skin

• Antioxidant Skin Repair

• Helps promote collagen renewal

• Increase skin elasticity thereby reducing the appearances of dry, peeling and saggy skin



To personalise packaging with a name/Message written in gold please contact us with the name description/small message of up to 10 Characters. Or simply email us at info@LondonMinx.com


You Receive:

• Minx Sky Face Gel

• Gift Box (with the option to personalise with a name in gold writing)

• Packaged as seen in photos/video



  • Cleanse Face (with toner)

  • Scoop 1-2g of Minx Sky Gel

  • Evenly Apply Gel to Facial Skin with Hands


Full Ingredients:

Water, butanediolh, glycerol polyether - 26, hydrogenated olive oil, olive oil (OLEA EUROPAEA) fruit oil, olive oil (OLEA EUROPAEA) fruit unsaponifiable, corbomer, carnosine, CORDYCEPS <ILITARIS extract, potato (SOLANUM TUBEROUS) pulp extract, CENTELLA ASIATICA leaf extract, magnolia (MAGNOLIA LILIFLORA) flower extract ANGELICA KEISKE leaf/stem extract. 1,3-propanediol, ethylhexyl glycerol, propylene glycol, 1,2-hexanediol, octanoyl hydroxamic acid, triethanolamine, PEG-50 hydrogenated castor oil, nonylphenol polyether-14 phenoxyethanol, flavour, CL 10020



1. If you inadvertently enter the eye when used, please wash immediately with clear water
2. Please put it in a place that children cannot touch and Not edible.
3. Do Not Use On Children Under 3 Years Old.



Store below or at room temperature