Princess Royale | A collection of Mink Lashes & Human Hair Lashes

Princess Royale | Wispy Lashes

The Princess Royale Collection of 100% Human Hair Lashes (Invisible Band Lashes) as well as 100% Mink Lashes is fully inspired by the Classy, Sophisticated & Elegant Aura of the Globally Admired Princesses of the British Royal Family

Owning at least one Princess Royale Pair of lashes is certainly a must have for every personal lash assemblage.

Human Hair Lashes | Mink Lashes

Above you will find different Lash Types such as 3D Mink Lashes / Thin Band Lashes, Human Hair Eyelashes / Invisible Band Lashes all designed by Minx London Lashes. 

Minx London Lashes are High Quality Luxury Lashes with Eyelash Glue, You will immediately notice that our False Eyelashes are arguably the Best False Eyelashes currently on the market.


Minx Lashes | Minx Lash | False Eyelashes UK

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