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Cross Necklaces | Cross

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Cross Necklaces

Iced Out Crosses | Iced Out Cross | Cross Chain

  • Are you after the perfect mens cross necklace or womens cross necklace ? We'll the Minx London range of high quality cubic zirconia cross necklace with diamonds will look amazing on you.
  • Accredited for the very best cross chain collections of affordable yet beautiful and high quality cross necklace with diamonds... Minx London cross chains will certainly give you a feeling of great value for money!


Mens Cross Necklace | Womens Cross Necklace 

  • Be sure to also checkout our mens cross necklace which can be a vibrant & selectively celtic cross luxury gift for your boyfriend, also check out our beautiful womens cross necklace as a thoughtful and loving celtic cross pendant gift for you girlfriend, wife, daughter or simply a gift for your friends, family, associates or simply a special cross necklace gift for yourself.
  • At Minx London our "Cross Necklace" designs are unisex however some are more suited as a cross necklace for women whilst others are suited as a cross necklace for men... So wether you are after a cross necklace men or cross necklace women our cross necklace diamond range will allow you to select the correct cross necklace.

Cross Necklace Men | Cross Necklace Women | Diamond Cross Necklace

  • With so many gorgeous cross pendant products to choose from you'll be spoiled for choice on having the perfect diamond cross pendant.
  • Many celebrities, influencers, and models wear Minx London womens cross necklace silver / cross chains for men at luxury events and photoshoots as well as casual wear because our diamond cross is as close as it gets to a real diamond cross pendant. Arguably, due to our unique designs some would competently state that our iced out crosses look even more glamorous than many high brand iced out cross pendant products on the market.
  • With fast free shipping worldwide select your favourite cross necklace sterling silver today and have it shipped out with 1-2 business days with full tracking from London UK. 

Cross Necklace with Diamonds


Baptism Gift | Baptism Gifts | Cross Pendant with Chain

At Minx London we stock a variety of different style and size cross chains:

  • Cross Necklace with Diamonds
  • Iced Out Crosses
  • Womens Cross Necklace
  • Mens Cross Necklace
  • Baguette Cross Pendant
  • Girls Cross Chain
  • Boys Cross Chain
  • Baptism Gift Necklace
  • Gold Cross Chain
  • Cross Necklace for Men Silver
  • Womens Cross Necklace Gold
  • Cross Necklace Sterling Silver
  • Baptism Gift for Boy
  • baptism Gift for Girl
  • Baptism Gifts
  • Baptism Gift for Godson
  • Baptism Gift to Godparents
  • Celtic Cross
  • Celic Cross Pendant