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Get the London Look today with our collection of 100% Mink Lashes
Fully inspired by the vibrancy, culture and style of the people seen within the mega rich and affluent areas of London, UK
Select your desired Mink Lashes pair within this collection and embody
the Classy, Crazy, Sexy & Cool Minx London Look wherever you are in the world.
Below you will find different Lash Type designs such as 3D Mink Lashes, 8D Mink Eyelashes all designed by Minx London Lashes. 
Minx London Lashes are High Quality Luxury Lashes with Eyelash Glue, You will immediately notice that our False Eyelashes are arguable the Best False Eyelashes currently on the market.

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Collection image model: IG@AliciaWottt wearing Kensington Lashes