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Express your beauty with our beautiful 100% mink magnetic lashes.
Minx London Magnetic Eyelashes are "magnetic lashes with liner" so you get a magnetic eyeliner with each magnetic lashes pair that you purchase.
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Magnetic Lashes and Liner make it easy for you to quickly apply your Magnetic Eyelashes using our Magnetic Eyeliner.
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Magnetic Eyelashes that showcase your virtuous nature

Our breathtakingly beautiful Magnetic lashes design will give you the most fabulous eyelashes!

All of our Magnetic Eyelashes are D Curl Lashes with varies of new volume lashes such as Hybrid Lashes, falsies eyelashes, Eyelash Falsies, Russian Lashes,Volume Lashes, Classic Lashes, 3D Mink Lashes and more. Our Magnetic Eyelashes with liner is all you need to get your eyes looking incredible swiftly without any hassle. 

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Minx London Magnetic Eyelashes UK are a new strip lashes type of design with a luxurious feel, they are cruelty free 100% Mink Magnetic Eyelashes, you will immediately notice that our Magnetic Lashes and Liner are a whole different level when compared to all other Magnetic Lashes UK companies & False Eyelashes Companies worldwide.