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Lashes Aftercare

lashes aftercareLashes Aftercare

You want to know how to remove lashes? Or want to know how to make your lashes last longer? How to clean lashes? Aftercare for lashes?

In this Blog / Vlog we give you the necessary lashes aftercare tips to ensure that you can get the best out of your false eyelashes in turn making them last longer and maintain their great appearance.

1. Keeping your false eyelashes clean

Keep hands and lash tools clean. In turn this will help to prevent bacteria entering the area of the eyes.


2. Carefully handle strip lashes

Use a lash applicator or tweezers in a gently manner to remove lashes from the lash tray. Slowly peel away the Lashes strip band starting from the outer corner.


3. When applying eyelash glue

Use an appropriate amount of eyelash glue. Using too much eyelash glue may make it difficult to remove the eyelash glue from the lash. Be sure to evenly spread the glue across the lash band strip.


4. Your make up routine

Be sure to put your lashes on after applying your make up. It is best to avoid having eyeliner, eyeshadow etc… on the lashes.


5. Can’t resist mascara?

It is advised not to apply mascara to your false eyelashes. If you must add mascara it is best to apply the mascara to your natural lashes before putting on your false lashes.


6. Lash removal

When removing false eyelashes, you may simply do a similar process to ‘2. Carefully handle lashes’ tip.

Using baby oil on a cotton bud, carefully swipe the lash band strip to loosen the lash glue, only do the latter if absolutely necessary.


7. Remove Lash Glue

Using the tip of a cotton bud, gently wipe along the lash band strip until the eyelash glue is removed.

If need be you may also apply a small bit of make up remover (which is sensitive skin friendly) on to the cotton bud and repeat the latter process. Soaking your lashes in water or other liquids can cause damage to the lashes and it is advised to avoid doing this.


8. Protecting your lashes

Keep your false eyelashes stored inside of you Minx London Lashes Case as they are designed to keep lashes protected from dust, bacteria etc… 


Now you know everything there is to know about lashes aftercare, you may use your lash aftercare knowledge to ensure that your false eyelashes last up to 25 applications and even more!

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