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Minx London Chelsea Mink Lashes



Our breathtakingly beautiful London Lashes with 3D Mink Lashes design will give you the most stunning Mink Eyelashes!
All of our Lashes are D Curl Lashes therefore there is no need for a Lashes Lift Kit, No Need for Lashes Extension or Individual Lashes taking the fun out of the 'applying Lash Strips ritual' that every girl and women should enjoy.
Minx London Lashes are a new type of design with a luxurious feel, you will immediately notice that our Lashes are a whole different level when compared to all other Lash companies & UK Lashes Companies. 

You Receive:

x1 pair of mink lashes (in gold drawer box as pictured)

x1 Minx Clear Eyelash Glue

All the above packaged in the Minx gold ribboned gift box



  • Material: Handcrafted 100% (cruelty free) Mink Lashes

  • Band: Thin Band Lashes (Highly Flexible Cotton Band)

  • Curl: D Curl Lashes

  • Type: Hand Made Lashes

  • Feature: Natural long Eyelashes

  • Grade: Top Grade High Quality Lashes

  • Style: Minx 3D Mink Lashes / Wispy Lashes

  • Design: UK Lashes Designed in London


Personalised Packaging Option:

Add a Name, or Name plus a small message to be placed on the gift box in Gold chrome writing. Simply message us with details or email Personalisation 10 characters maximum.



Experience luxury to the fullest with our unique in house designed and hand made mink lashes which promote a velvet yet natural appearance.
Minx London 100% Mink Eyelashes are of highest quality, Our lashes are created with extreme love and attention to detail, tapered superbly to create a super natural finish with the desired fluffy, full and dramatic appearance. Additionally, The mink used in our mink lashes is of fur that the mink shed naturally as well as taken once the mink has been groomed, they are 100% cruelty free.



Our specialised teams artistry is profound in creating unique designs, wether it be classic lashes, wispy lashes, volume lashes or simply our very own “cocktail”, our lashes can speak volumes, portray classiness, or scream edgy, and so much more. So wether your after a seductive and sexy look, or an attractive natural look… our mink lashes can surely fulfil your desire.



Your lashes become enhanced and provided with maximum impact leaving you with a flawless appearance perfecting your eyes without the look and feel of ‘false’ lashes.



Care for your lashes correctly and they may be reused for plus 25 applications. For tips on how to care for lashes, how to apply them like a pro, and info on all details surrounding lashes and more please feel welcome to view our blogs and vlogs via the blog navigation tab.

Minx Tales:

When people think or speak Chelsea, there tends to be a variety of thoughts, words and associations for example many people think of the football team or the rich history of the area.

However when I think of Chelsea, I cannot help but think of the many adventures one can have by simply spending a few hours on Kings Road. During anytime of the year Kings Road Chelsea is a great adventure!

I tend to start my Kings road journey at either the Bluebird Café or the Ivy Cafe, Both of which tend to have a vibrant feel where you can admire the fashionable style of all the visitors. People visit these locations dressed as though they were about to head onto the catwalk therefore it is very fashionably pleasing on the eye.

With my Hot chocolate complete I stroll to Waterstones Book Store, because I dare to say it… But, there is something about the scent of 1000’s of books that make me feel somewhat intellectual. As I head toward the Saatchi Art Gallery you begin to see more and more people looking glamorous with designer handbags popping up everywhere, as well as big sunglasses with light tints… just light enough to see the eyes and lash style beneath them and thats when it hit me! We need a lash that is classy, not too eccentric but sleek enough to enhance the eyes of the woman that walks with her head straight paying limited attention to the people around her, but also gentle enough to be magnetic towards someone that decides to stop her and open a conversation. The lines on the grand pillars standing tall outside of the art gallery gave me an idea, every detail and dimension had absolute precision and that is why when I began to design the Chelsea Lash, They just had to be 3D Mink Lashes.


Chelsea Lashes worn by Influencer / Model: IG @Aliciawottt


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