Big Moissanite Diamond Ear Studs | Octagon Moissanite Diamond Ear Studs

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Octagon Moissanite Diamond Ear Studs

Minx London, offers affordable, high-quality jewellery that is carefully crafted with only the finest materials. Our focus is on providing customers with exceptional products that will prevent any "buyer's remorse."


Diamond Cut:
• Main stone - Round Brillant Cut Diamond
• Additional stones - Brilliant Cut Diamond

Diamond Carat Size:
• Main stone - 7.0mm plus Melee = 1.76 carat (pair total carat weight 3.52ct)

Diamond Certificate:
• Main stone - (GRA Certified)
• Colour Grade: D
• Clarity Grade: Flawless / VVS1
• Cut Grade: Excellent
• Polish: Excellent
• Symmetry: Excellent
• Fluorescence: None

Diamond Setting:
• Prong setting technique, ensuring its quality and durability (not glued or machine set).

• Main stone - Moissanite Diamond
• Additional Stones - Moissanite Diamond

• Base Metal - Solid 925 Sterling Silver
• Rhodium Plating

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