Big Diamond Eternity Ring | Iced Out Baguette Ring | Iced Ring

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Baguette Diamond Eternity Ring

Lab Diamonds London, offers affordable, high-quality jewellery that is carefully crafted with only the finest materials. Our focus is on providing customers with exceptional products that will prevent any "buyer's remorse."

Big Diamond Eternity Ring | Iced Out Baguette Ring

Diamond Cut:
• Baguette Cut Diamond
• Brilliant Cut Diamond 

Diamond Carat Size:
• Total Carat Weight: Approx. 5.97ct

Diamond Setting:
• All Lab Diamonds London Jewellery is hand-set using a prong or pavé / invisible setting technique, ensuring its quality and durability (not glued or machine set).


• Lab created synthetic diamonds

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• 925 Sterling Silver

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• Available in US ring sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (message us for custom sizes)
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