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Minx London Diana Human Hair Lashes

You Receive:

x1 pair of 10% Remy Virgin human hair invisible band lashes (in box as pictured)

x1 Minx Clear Eyelash Glue

All the above packaged in the Minx gift box with gold ribbon tied



  • Material: Handcrafted 100% Remy Virgin Human Hair Lashes

  • Band: Invisible Band Lashes

  • Curl: D Curl Lashes

  • Type: Hand Made Lashes / Strip Lashes (with Individual Lashes)

  • Feature: Natural Long Lashes

  • Grade: Top Grade Lashes

  • Style: Minx Nobility Invisible Band Lashes


Personalised Option:

Add a Name, or Name plus a small message to be placed on the gift box in Gold chrome writing. Simply message us with details or email Info@LondonMinx.com. Personalisation 10 characters maximum.



Experience luxury to the fullest with our unique and in house designed and hand made human hair lashes created from Silky 100% Remy Virgin Human Hair.

Minx London human lashes are invisble band lashes created with extreme love, attention to detail and with an incredible natural finish allowing the windows to your soul to be the definition of the word beauty.



Minx London specialised teams artistry is profound in creating unique lash strip designs, wether it be classic, wispy, hybrid or simply our very own “cocktail”, Minx London Human Hair Lashes can speak volumes, portray classiness, or scream edgy, and so much more. So wether your after a seductive and sexy look, or an attractive natural look… our human hair lashes / invisible band lashes can surely fulfil your desire.



Your Invisible lashes become enhanced and provided with maximum impact leaving you with a flawless appearance perfecting your eyes without the obvious look and feel of “false” eyelashes.



Care for your Human Hair Lashes correctly and they may be reused for plus 25 applications. For tips on how to care for your invisible band lashes, how to apply them like a pro, and info on all details surrounding lashes and more please feel welcome to view our blogs and vlogs via the blog navigation tab.


Minx Tales:

When one reflects on HRH Princess Diana, You automatically recall the purity, kindness, elegance and above all else her noble act of selflessness.

Princess Diana not only concerned herself with the needs and desires of the less fortunate, but rather she ventured out and fully committed herself to supporting them, in turn shining the spotlight on their circumstances for the world to grow enough empathy to force a resolution.

As a tribute to such a remarkable figure we proudly decided to design strip lashes in her honour.

Although this invisible band lash has been handmade with a wispy technique we chose Human Hair lashes to create the most complete authentic and natural look.

The big blue eyes of Princess Diana were everything and she would place her head down and roll her eyes upwards for the cameras to capture her pose that signified beauty inside and out.

Our Diana Royale human hair Lashes has channeled her enchanting visage to allow your eyes to instantly captivate, attract and hold the attention of all eyes that dare to meet yours.



With the false eyelash market being completely saturated with lash companies popping up pretty much on a daily basis, we decided to rise above the herd and create lashes that outshines all of the primitive household named brands as well as the modern low quality pop up brands. 

You may not realise…? However, Over 90% of lashes are supplied from a particular region and brands select from ready made lash pairs, hence why every brand of lashes look & feel identical. 

At Minx London we created an in house team of False eyelashes specialists, artisans, models, influencers, and everyday persons to formulate the most unique and ultimate lash designs and comfortability resulting in a signature look and feel designed in London which surpasses all competitors in the vast lash world.

Get Involved:

Minx London is always on the lookout to collaborate with affiliates, influencers, blog writers, models of all types of appearances, creatives etc… therefore, feel welcome to contact us regarding the latter to discuss beneficial options available.


The model in Photo wearing Diana Royale Lashes is IG: @Aliciawottt



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