Heart Engagement Ring | Heart Ring | Heart Shape Ring

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Heart Engagement Ring | Heart Ring

Minx London presents this beautiful Heart Ring , this cubic zirconia ring has the look and feel of a real heart engagement ring. So wether you desire a Fashion Ring, or an Eternity Ring, this Heart Shape Ring will give you the shine of a Goddess! 


Heart Engagement Ring

Minx London Heart ring is crafted as an extremely high quality Cubic Zirconia Ring, often using 6A cubic zirconia ring stones which is the highest standard.

The sparkle created is so dazzling that even experts would need to examine heavily to confirm wether it is a genuine heart engagement diamond ring or simply a heart engagement ring made of cubic zirconia.

Heart Shape Ring | Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

Unbeknown to many is that celebrities, social media influencers etc... often wear such heart rings & iced out rings that is manufactured by the same artisans that we design with and source our heart engagement rings and other heart engagement ring jewellery from.

Since photos don not always captivate the true beauty of this Heart Ring please view the video for a glimpse of this Heart Ring in all of its glory.

You Receive:

x1 Heart Shaped Diamond Ring and x1 band ring as pictured

x1 Satin Ring bag

x1 Packaging box as pictured (with a free option to personalise name/small message in Gold chrome)

Heart Ring Specifications:

This Heart Ring comes in platinum plated & 925 silver.
AAA Zirconia
Inlay (not glue)


Women's Ring Size Chart:

Be sure to view our Women's Ring Size Chart to determine the Women's ring size that you require. Our chart is also a Unisex Ring Size Chart so the ring size chart is a guide for all persons. We list our Ring Size's in US Ring Sizes.


Minx London Jewellery Store:

The Minx London team, models, influencers and our loved ones wear our heart rings & Minx London jewellery ourselves and have had no issues with discolouration etc... We simply keep our heart shaped ring diamond / jewellery & iced out rings clean and avoid harsh chemicals. We would Not list any jewellery products that has not been fully tested and approved from our in house jewellery specialists as well as received good feedback and reviews from those whom we give jewellery to try out.