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Minx London Mink Magnetic Lashes


Our breathtakingly beautiful Magnetic Lashes with design will give you the most stunning eyelashes!
All of our Magnetic Lashes are D Curl Lashes with varies of new volume lashes such as Russian Volume Lashes, Mega Volume Lashes, Classic Lashes, 3D Lashes and more. Therefore there is no need for a Lashes Lift Kit, No Need for Extension Lashes or Individual Lashes taking the fun out of the 'applying Lash Strips ritual' that every girl and women should enjoy, Our Magnetic Eyelashes with liner is all you need to get your eyes looking incredible swiftly without any hassle. 

Magnetic Eyelashes for the Bad & Boujee Beauties

Minx London Magnetic Lashes are a new type of design with a luxurious feel, they are cruelty free 100% Mink Magnetic Lashes, you will immediately notice that our Magnetic Lashes and Liner are a whole different level when compared to all other Magnetic Lashes UK companies & Magnetic Eyelashes Companies worldwide. 


You Receive:

x1 pair of Magnetic Lashes (in gold drawer packaging as pictured)

x1 Minx Magnetic Eyeliner

All the above packaged in the Minx gift box with gold ribbon tied (as pictured)



  • Material: Handcrafted Cruelty Free 100% Mink Magnetic Lashes

  • Band: Thin Band Lashes / Magnetic Strip lashes

  • Lash Curl Types: D Curl Magnetic Lashes

  • Eyelash Types: Hand Made Magnetic Lashes (with Individual Lashes)

  • Feature: Natural long Eyelashes

  • Grade: Top Grade Magnetic Lashes with Liner

  • Style: Boujee Lashes

  • Application: Up to a month of daily wear


Personalised Option:

Add a Name, or Name plus a small message to be placed on the gift box in Gold chrome writing. Simply message us with details or email Personalisation 10 characters maximum.



Experience luxury to the fullest with our unique in house designed and hand made Magnetic Lashes which promote a velvet yet natural appearance.
Minx London 100% Mink Magnetic Lashes and Liner are of highest quality, Our lashes are created with extreme love and attention to detail, tapered superbly to create a luxurious natural finish with the desired fluffy, full and dramatic appearance.

Additionally they are 100% Cruelty Free Magnetic False Eyelashes. Mink fur used in Minx London Mink Magnetic Lashes are from when the Mink is being groomed / combed as well as collected when naturally shed.



Minx London specialised teams artistry is profound in creating unique designs, wether it be classic lashes, wispy lashes, hybrid lashes, Russian Volume Lashes or simply our very own “cocktail”, Minx London False Eyelashes can speak volumes, portray classiness, or scream edgy, and so much more. So wether you are after a seductive and sexy look, or an attractive and natural look… our Magnetic Lashes and Liner can surely fulfil your desire.



Care for your Magnetic Eyelashes correctly and they may be reused for plus 25 applications. Click for tips on how to care for lashes.


Vlogs & Blogs

Minx London Lashes / UK Lashes designed in London. These D Curl Lashes are what is known as Mink Lashes / Mink Magnetic Lashes, be sure to check out our youtube channel plus our blogs... We have videos of all of our lashes and content that answer questions about Lashes.


At Minx London you can buy Magnetic lashes online with fast, free shipping worldwide. 

When buying Magnetic Lashes, we understand that you desire the Best Magnetic Lashes, Minx London Magnetic Eyelashes are by far the Best Magnetic Lashes you can buy online and this is due to our unique magnetic lashes designs, our high quality mink lashes, and our unique luxury packaging as well as our 5 star customer service